Interested in having better delivery services?

Taktime is an intelligent network of cloud kitchens operating in Switzerland, providing complete delivery services for existing brands or virtual restaurants. We are time management oriented to produce with high efficiency and quality. We use Swiss innovation expertise to monitor the kitchen with state-of-art technology. Our team’s worldwide experience and expertise will drive your brand delivery services to grow.

Our people aren’t just employees, they’re part of the Taktime family. We live and breathe Food Innovation and we’re always growing. Help us Power the next great Smart Kitchen disruption.

Taktime is revolutionizing the way cloud kitchens work by connecting them with a smart, scalable kitchen. Food is cooked to perfection, fast and reliable. Our innovative technology creates more of what people ask for: faster delivery, lower surcharges and great quality food.

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8 Rue Caroline, 1227 Les Acacias