The Drive for Sustainable and Modern Food Delivery Services

by 15 Aug, 2022

Food Delivery Services Impacting the Industry


The food delivery industry is growing at a rapid rate. Consumers have become accustomed to convenience and speed, which as led many companies to offer the option for customers to order from multiple restaurants in one place. This convenience has made it easier for people to get food delivered instead of going out and purchasing items themselves.




How Taktime is Creating Sustainability in Food Delivery


Imagine you have a restaurant that wants to create a more sustainable supply chain for your food delivery services. Taktime is here to help you.

Taktime’s Cloud Kitchen model is the first of its kind in Switzerland. We have created a platform where customers can benefit from ordering from multiple kitchens and deliver fresh products to costumers within no time after preparation. This is possible because Taktime has built its own internal logistics network, which allows it to deliver food across all major neighbourhoods in Geneva at any time of day or night, even during peak traffic hours when other companies stop deliveries.

Taktime also uses Swiss innovative technology to make the process more efficient – instead of relying on paper receipts and spreadsheets, Taktime uses automated systems that allow the customers to track each order throughout its journey from cooktop to doorstep with no errors or delays!


Why Taktime’s Cloud Kitchen Model is Modern, Sustainable and Convenient


If you’re looking for a more modern, sustainable and convenient way to deliver food for your restaurant brand, Taktime’s cloud kitchen model is the answer.

Why? Because Taktime is built on the idea that our customers should never have to compromise on quality or speed when it comes to fulfilling their customer demands – and that means we’re always looking for ways to improve our delivery services by using technology in creative ways. Our cloud kitchen model allows us to do just that: We offer chefs access to advanced technology platform and we also provide chefs with easy access to state-of-the-art equipment so they can focus on what they do best – cooking delicious food!




The food delivery industry gives the opportunity to your existing consumers to change the way they consume food


This makes sense as your customers are always looking for more convenient ways of getting their favourite dishes, without having to go through all the trouble of planning and preparing it themselves.

Customers can now get the same quality food delivered to their homes, offices or even sporting events. Taktime allows you to deliver a wide range of options including; Italian, Lebanese, Asian Fusion, American, and many other cuisines from around the world!


Final Thoughts


Taktime’s Cloud Kitchen model provides the tools needed to prepare food faster and more efficiently while still providing consumers with the convenience they’ve come to expect.

Through Taktime’s innovative technology, restaurants can now offer a wide variety of menu items without taking up any extra space or hiring additional employees.

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